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How to spend time in Binowo?

Wine Tours:

Join us on a fascinating journey through picturesque vineyards in our area! While staying at Binowo Park Garden Rooms, you can visit the wineries: Turnau, Kojder, and Jassa. During your visit, you'll have the opportunity to observe the wine production process and taste West Pomeranian wines.

Turnau Vineyard - the largest vineyard not only in Western Pomerania but also in Poland, located in the charming village of Baniewice, 50 km south of Szczecin. In a restored building from 1881, a modern winery has been established, along with a tasting room where concerts and business meetings such as conferences can also take place. Well-equipped processing facilities and a private laboratory allow precise control of all wine parameters at every stage of production. The 34 hectares of cultivated land host several grape varieties, producing well-known and appreciated premium wines nationwide. An interesting fact is that the vineyard also produces ice wines, rare sweet and extractive beverages made from frozen grapes (on the vine), which are then pressed before thawing. www.winnicaturnau.pl
Distance: 40,4 km

Kojder Vineyard - located in the village of Babinek (Bielice commune), near Szczecin. The vineyard's unique microclimate is enhanced by its proximity to the Szczecin Landscape Park "Puszcza Bukowa." The vineyard adopts an ecological cultivation system, avoiding the use of chemical plant protection agents and synthetic fertilizers from the beginning. This is to maintain the natural harmony that promotes the creation of unique aromas and flavors. Additionally, organic yeast with Vegan certification is used in the winemaking process..
Distance: 9,1 km

Jassa Vineyard - situated in the charming village of Kołowo, on the outskirts of Puszcza Bukowa, on the "roof" of the Szczecin agglomeration, in the highest point of the region. Kołowo village belonged to the Cistercian Abbey, founded by monks from Denmark who settled in the area in the 12th century. The Cistercians established the abbey in the nearby Kołbacz, which houses the Cistercian monastery complex, including a church, Guesthouse, Abbot's House, and a unique barn-sheepfold building, unparalleled in the country. The entire region was considered extremely fertile for cultivation and animal husbandry.
Distance: 5,0 km

Bike Tours:

Discover the beauty of the surroundings on two wheels! Our picturesque region offers countless opportunities for cycling adventures for everyone, regardless of experience or preferences. Details and bike rental available at the Binowo Park Club reception.
Electric bike rental rates:
Rental time:1 h do 5 h entire day
Price: 30 zł 70 zł 100 zł

Sightseeing Tours:

Explore the charms of Puszcza Bukowa through scenic hikes! For nature lovers and those seeking tranquility, numerous hiking trails lead through dense beech forests, offering the opportunity to connect with wild nature and experience relaxing moments in the outdoors.

If you prefer comfort and flexibility, there is also an option to rent an electric golf cart, allowing you to move freely around the Puszcza Bukowa area. Details and rental available at the Binowo Park Club reception.


A 100-year-old barn with a soul in Binowo. Renovated to become a creative space for local entrepreneurs and a destination for conferences. Available for booking for private events, painting classes, barbecues and special events. For more information please visit the website.
Distance: 1,5 km

Głaz Kołyska
Distance: 1,1 km

Roman Catholic Church of St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe in Binowo A church built from granite blocks in the 15th century. The tower, built in the 16th century, is made of stone in the upper storey and wood in the top floor. The church was damaged during World War II and rebuilt between 1972 and 1982.
Distance: 1,3 km

Binowskie Lake
Binowskie Lake is located in Puszcza Bukowa, specifically in the southwestern part of the forested area, in the Stare Czarnowo commune, in the village of Binowo. It is known for its rich fauna and flora. Formerly, it had perfectly clear water, hosting rare plant species, including floating watermoss, round-leaved sundew, and water violet. The lake was also a habitat for many species of lake fish and crayfish.
Distance: 1,8 km

Local Legend
There are several stories related to Binowskie Lake. According to one legend, it originated from a miraculous spring known for its extraordinary healing power. In a local tale, a certain castellan wanted to wash her sick child in the magical lake. She set out at dusk, and on her way to the water, she was attacked. The woman escaped with the child into the forest. Distressed by the difficult journey and pursued by bandits, she rested with the baby on a nearby forest boulder. The stone still exists today and is called the "Rocking Stone" (Głaz Kołyska). The bandits searched for her all night, thinking she carried money and jewels, but they did not find the castellan and her child. She calmly emerged from the forest in the morning and bathed the baby in the extraordinary water. The child recovered immediately.

„Serce Puszczy” Boulder
A glacial erratic boulder named "Serce Puszczy" (Heart of the Forest) placed in 2004 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of State Forests.
Distance: 2,9 km

Piasecznik Mały Lake
Piasecznik Mały is located in the valley separating Glapi Garb to the north from Piaseczna Góra to the south. It has an oval shape with a wide, short peninsula cutting in from the south, and the shoreline is poorly developed.
Distance: 3,4 km

Piasecznik Wielki Lake
Piasecznik Wielki (Kizika Lake) is a non-draining lake located northeast of Binowo with an area of 49 hectares. The shores of Piasecznik are partially covered by forests, and on the northern shore, it is adjacent to the village of Piaseczno, from which the lake takes its name. To the west of the lake, there is a forest campsite. The lake is very picturesque, and due to the surrounding numerous bodies of water, it is characterized by clear water and a lack of crowds along the shores.
Distance: 3,4 km

Glinna Lake
Glinna Lake is located in the western part of the Szczecin Pomerania, within the Bukowe Hills, in the Stare Czarnowo commune. It is the largest lake in the Puszcza Bukowa on its southern outskirts. Glinna is clearly divided into two parts, a result of the lake's shallowing. Therefore, we distinguish between Glinna Wielka and Glinna Wąska, the southeastern branch connected by a narrow strait to the main reservoir. The Wężówka stream flows into the lake, and the main stream forming the Krzekna River flows out. Glinna Wielka has five bays. This aquatic complex also includes Dereń (Małe) Lake and Leniwe (Gniłe) Lake.
Distance: 4,3 km

Roman Catholic Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in Kołowo
A Catholic filial church. The church was built in the late 19th century from stone in the neogothic style.
Distance: 4,5 km

Panorama Viewpoint
A Catholic filial church. The church was built in the late 19th century from stone in the neogothic style.
Distance: 7,9 km

Szmaragdowe Lake
Szmaragdowe Lake is located on the edge of Puszcza Bukowa, in the right-bank part of Szczecin. It was created on July 16, 1925, when the overflow of groundwater flooded a chalk and marl mine operating here. Local legend has it that this was the work of a mischievous spirit called Skarbek, who had accumulated great wealth underground. When people discovered the treasure with pickaxes, he flooded the mine. Today, it is one of the favorite walking spots for Szczecin residents and a magnet for tourists. Locals simply call it Szmaragd (Emerald).
Distance: 10,0 km

Roman Catholic Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in Kołbacz
Cistercian monastery complex from the 13th-16th centuries. One of the most valuable examples of brick Gothic architecture in Western Pomerania.
Distance: 15,0 km

Abbot's House in Kołbacz
It is a remnant of the Cistercian monastery dating back to the first half of the 14th century.
Distance: 15,1 km

Miedwie Lake
Lake in the southeastern part of the Szczecin Pomerania, on the Pyrzyce Plain, it is the fifth largest lake in Poland.
Distance: 23,3 km

Szczecin - city center
It is the third-largest city in Poland since 1945. Located on the Szczecin Coastal Plain, along the Oder River and Dąbie Lake, its location makes it significant for the economy. Szczecin is also a major academic and tourist center.
Distance: 18,0 km

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